Dear Friends

A very warm greeting from the SYNAPSE 2020 Team!

This is regards to our upcoming SYNAPSE 2020 which is the first of its kind  International conference in Mind and Body medicine (MBM) in Endocrinology and Diabetes is planned in Pune on 1st and 2nd February 2020 organised by our Society for Prevention ,Healthcare ,Education and Research ( SPHERE) in collaboration with  Cognitive Behaviour Medicine  trust (CBM trust )and Indian Psychiatry Society(IPS) task force for mind and body medicineAPI Pune , Maha Endocrine Society of Maharashtra  and Endocrine Society of India .It is for the first time that various national and international bodies  in endocrinology, diabetes , psychiatry and public health are collaborating with our society  on an unique platform for the cause of mind body health promotion in endocrine and non communicable diseases helping us  to go beyond boundries of pathies, specialities and regions  to explore the  realm of mind in medicine .

Our Society for prevention ,healthcare ,education and research (SPHERE) is a charitable non profit making organisation which works in the field of creating awareness in women health, mental health and MBM  (mind body medicine) ,cancer prevention , awareness and prevention of non communicable diseases .Keeping in mind its motto, we have been doing patient workshops and camps on diabetes ,thyroid ,wellness of women ,obesity prevention, growth, pubertal, bone  health camps .We also conduct mind and body health awareness programmes in diabetes , thyroid ,cancer patients and those with other endocrine disorders. SPHERE aims at spreading awareness on NCDs in various age groups from childhood to adulthood including infants, children, adolescents ,pregnant women, post partum mothers ,menopausal women and geriatric population .SPHERE focuses on education for prevention ,screening of NCDs, providing care and treatment of NCDs, and in developing new research ideas and collaborations and innovation in above areas. SPHERE collaborates with organizations and associations working in same forte

Latest medical research has highlighted the usefulness of Mind-Body Medicine for health promotion. The Mind-Body Medicine Workshop conceptualized by SPHERE and CBM is designed to impart practical skills of Mind-Body Health for enhancing resilience and promote one’s own health for improving outcome and quality of life in lifestyle disorders like diabetes.

1st of February will be a day long workshop on development of MBM skills and learning about mind body interventions conducted by eminent national and international resource experts

2nd of February will be a conference with national and international faculties in fields  of endocrinology ,psychiatry,preventive cardiology and MBM


What is Mind body medicine ( MBM)?

MBM is an evidence based participatory self care approach that combines power of best traditional knowledge  like Meditation,Yoga etc with modern medicine and psychology

MBM has applicability across the health cycle from prevention to rehabilitation for improving outcomes and quality of life in all NCDs including diabetes Popularized by Harvard Medical school in recent times,MBM traces its roots to a century of stress researchand Mind body interventions that actually have their origins in ancient India .MBM is now viewed globally as a tool to popularize Mind interventions and thereby reduce the social stigma associated with mind health issues

Learning objectives of the conference

  • Comprehensive review /update on stress & allostasis and resilience building
  • Understanding mind -body connections and research evidence in modern medicine about Mind body interventions in Diabetes
  • Experiential learning of practical MBM skills of self-assessment and methods of mind-body management for yourself and patients
  • Charting course of confident healthy and meaningful life
  • Developing practical way to implement MBM in clinical practice-Pyramid approach of 2 minute MBM to360 degree MBM

Who should attend this Workshop

The daylong workshop is suitable for anyone keen on learning practical skills of self-regulation for enhancing wellbeing.

It is useful for healthy individuals and those suffering from diabetes ,thyroid and psychosomatic disorders  and also useful for their healthy relatives to learn the skills of health protection and promotion.

The Organizing  Committee of  SYNAPSE 2020  is extremely pleased to invite you participate in the conference.

The details of the program will be shared with you as soon as they are finalized.

Please block the dates from 1st and 2nd February 2020 . 

We look forward to your  participation in this unique first of its kind conference 

We are eagerly looking forward to hosting you at SYNAPSE 2020, Pune 

Thank you

Warm regards



Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh   

Organizing Secretary        

SYNAPSE 2020  


 Dr. Sanjay Kalra                                                             

Organizing  Chairman     


Dr.Ameya joshi

 Chairman Scientific Committee